Welcome to The Ryan Lopynski Big Heart Foundation Web Page. As you view our site, our hope is that by sharing Ryan’s story and through the information we provide about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), you will be inspired to join in our fundraising efforts to enhance heart condition screening, increase awareness, and save lives.

Our family will never be the same, but we continue to heal slowly by making our vision of saving lives a reality. We encourage everyone to join us in keeping Ryan’s legacy alive.

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“Free EKG Teen Screening is Saving Lives in Virginia!”
as reported by WUSA – 9 NEWS at a local Fairfax County
high school screening organized by The Ryan Lopynski Big Heart Foundation… see the entire video news report 


Current 2014 EKG Screening Statistics
Virginia Tech - 240 students screened – 7 abnormalities
Centreville  HS – 272 students screened – 22 abnormalities
South County HS – 220 students screened – 18 abnormalities
McLean HS – 173 students screened – 13 abnormalities
Edison HS – 174 students screened – 19 abnormalities
West Springfield HS – 262 students screened – 14 abnormalities
Robinson HS – 159 students screened – 28 abnormalities


The Run for Ryan 2014
166 students attended on bright sunny 60 degree day!
Great event organized by Ryan’s sister, Shannon Lopynski,
and cousin, Paige Lopynski with much guidance by
the Run for Ryan founder Erin Lopynski.


Every Heart Counts 2014
Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting and participating
in the Every Heart Counts 2014 Event.
It was a wonderful evening and a great success.